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There were 7 midfielders in double matches a week, two teenagers, three veterans, and the only reliable De Jong was injured. direct


In MSG, Suarez's return is of little help to the current Barcelona, ​​at least Setien hasn't understood the Uruguayan instructions. In order to make changes, the coach can only transform the other two, so we saw Messi who frequently cut to the left and Griezmann who had a wide range of activities.


Griezmann, who is 4 kg lighter, has a slight transformation in style. After the opening, Setien also intends to complete the advance from the French side.


The reason why these two advances can be effective is that Griezmann took the initiative to retreat, attracting Bilbao's left defensive players, allowing Suarez to get a larger holding space.


The first time Suarez tried to hit the goal directly, the second time he chose to pass Messi back. If the Uruguayan is at his peak, then both methods are reasonable, but the 33-year-old Suarez is really old. In the second picture, after splitting the ball, you can feel that Suarez did not bring any impact, and the effect of creating depth is not obvious.


In the first 20 minutes, when Griezmann waited for his opponents to defend in a high position, he reduced the defensive pressure of the frontcourt players by retreating and helped the team achieve the mid-range advancement. However, when Bilbao recollected it, he would not let it. The man followed Griezmann and ran forward, and Barcelona's mid-range attack fell into a deadlock.


This period of consecutive kicks was indeed wonderful, and the Bilbao 5-man defense line did not move. Griezmann's retracement could not attract the opponent's patronage. As a result, even if Barcelona had four forwards, with obvious levels and clear division of labor, they could only lament the fact that the number of opponents was really large.


Griezmann doesn't work anymore, so we can only use Messi first and go to the left to let them know what life is like.


Messi shifted to the left, it was a bit of a waste of everything, and his superiority was concealed. The Argentine is good at the left foot, so when he cuts on the right, he can't prevent it. On the left side, Messi can’t cut in with his right foot. He can only go outside with his left foot. Bilbao will be happy. You should hurry to the wing and avoid us in the middle.


Therefore, Messi takes the ball to the left and needs his teammates to follow up to play the player's sharp through-hand technique. Unfortunately, De Jong is injured. Let’s take over for Atul in his position. Adhering to the principle of saving energy by running a little less, he basically didn’t finish the forward thrust, which directly led to Alba running on the left.


When Vidal scored the ball to Messi, Alba thought that the latter would send the ball directly, so he chose to move forward. As a result, the only forward insertion point on the left of Barcelona was wasted. Then the Argentine fell into an awkward situation. The Bilbao defense line had formed a strong defensive side on the left. Alba failed. The team lacked a player to create an offense with a second advance. Messi could only force a reverse ball.


What's more unfortunate is that Bilbao has a five-back formation in this field, and it is even more closely guarded against Alba. Even if the Barcelona full-back has space to move, it will not help.


Bilbao’s five-back formation can actually be dismantled into two-sides and three-backs. Alba and Semedo have been watched by the opposing full-backs, it is difficult to find the assault space, while the midfielder Griezmann and Suarez are constrained by three guards, unable to form a 1v1 offensive advantage.


The overall formation of Bilbao is 541, which guarantees the defensive width of the midfield. Galitano’s defensive strategy is to put all 9 people in the backcourt, shorten the distance between the midfield and the back line, and put this bus in Barcelona. Between the field and the forward line, yes, the opponent is embedded in the Barcelona offensive line, and this has the picture of Messi shooting recklessly on the left.


After Artur crossed Messi, the Bilbao central defender quickly moved forward and defended Messi. At this time, Alba's forward thrust was still watched by opponents. The reason is that Bilbao’s five defenders are few. One person, but still a 4-person defense line. The defense attracted by Messi's possession of the ball failed to create enough space for his teammates. It is not that the Argentine is not a threat, but that there are too many defenders.


Setien actually made a small change in the first half. After Messi went to the left, Vidal and Semedo were contracted on the right. As a result, the former was a full-back and the latter was a midfielder. In fact, it's just a bit of a full-back playing as a midfielder, but Barcelona does not have a midfielder to pull the side, nor a serious winger. As a result, Semedone does not know what to do next after receiving the center.


We can see that Semedo took the ball inside and helped the opposing player form a position that blocked the middle. He was assigned to Vidal on the side. The latter took the ball in the ribs. Semedo actively took the outside line diagonally. Vidal did not stop when he saw this.

我们可以看到Semedo将球带入了内部,帮助对方球员形成了阻止中路的位置。他被分配到维达尔身边。后者将球击入肋骨。 Semedo主动对角线接住外线。维达尔(Vidal)看到这一点并没有停止。

Think about it, if the two positions are swapped, will the result be the same as the picture in the last picture? Even Vidal can pass Suarez or Griezmann in the middle, so the meaning of this arrangement is to learn modern tactical concepts ?


As soon as Barcelona came up in the second half, they placed their advancing point on the right. Semedo returned to his original style, raced on the side and attacked the opponent, and the effect was quite good. In the second half, Semedo completed 3 passes and a key pass. Lots of wonderful advancements.

下半场巴塞罗那一进,他们的前进点就在右侧。 Semedo恢复了他的原始风格,在一侧比赛并攻击了对手,效果非常好。下半场,Semedo完成了3次传球和一次关键传球。很多精彩的进步。

Look, Semedo is this kind of starting line with you, definitely the full back I won. Setien is indeed an old layer cake, deliberately showing weakness in the first half, decisively changed the opponent off guard in the second half, I thought I saw the third floor, but they are already on the fifth floor.


After the right wing can form a high-speed advancing, the situation of Barcelona facing the 9-man iron barrel when attacking is reduced. This kind of attack time difference created by speed is the best way to break the opponent's dense defense, and it also allows Barcelona to find Bilbao. Defensive weakness.


Bilbao had this kind of defensive problem in the first half, but the team relied on enough people, wide horizontal coverage, and Barcelona's slow advancing ability, so that the Red and Blues could not find the side space. .

毕尔巴鄂在上半场遇到了此类防守问题,但球队依靠足够的人手,较宽的水平覆盖范围以及巴塞罗那的慢前推进能力,使得红军和蓝军找不到边际空间。 。

The statistics for Bilbao this season are also quite interesting. Ranked 3rd in the number of goals conceded and 5th in La Liga in the number of clearances per game. There were only 4 turnovers in the 31st round of league defense. Barcelona was 14 times, and the average number of successful matches was 26 times per game. The offensive end is relatively poor, the number of goals and assists are both at the middle and lower levels of La Liga, except for the relegation of the three heroes, they are the weakest offensive.


It can be seen that this team has excellent control of the one-pointer, is not afraid of crosses from the side, and has a high defense tolerance rate, which shows that the number of people involved in the defense is large. Sacrificing the defense brought by offensive participation, the most taboo is to lose the defensive number advantage, this is the only hope for Barcelona to break the game.


Setien sent Pujic as an old lasagna, which is to speed up. Compared to Artur, Puic is the kid who is bold enough, dare to go straight, and confidently walks across to bring out the passing space. Of course, Atul still has to keep it. You can say that he will only send back and split sides, but when Harvey just made his debut, the wipers are not for nothing, and they will always come out after they are tempered slowly. Let's cash out the wallet.


Puic is much more calm than last season, his pass selection and way of playing are also much more stable, and he felt very anxious to do everything last season. His passing strength and line are what Barcelona midfielders currently lack, especially after De Jong was injured. Barcelona's midfield delivery ability in these two games has weakened a lot. It is precisely the fresh blood of Puic that is needed. The only origin of Barcelona's goal is Puic's through.


Pujic's through ball showed the characteristic that people are not as fast as the ball, and a kick directly tore through the opponent's midfield line, allowing Vidal to turn and face the defense directly. At this time, Bilbao's defensive advantage was broken, and the team quickly returned to defense and reorganized.


In the picture, Rakitic and Semedo and Messi all came to the right, and the Bilbao defense line immediately gathered. This gathering made the weak side a defensive vacuum, and Vidal got the header space.


Messi took the ball again and tried to shoot, and was cleared by his opponent. The entire Bilbao team was immediately pressed to try to create a counterattack opportunity. As a result, Rakitic topped the ball and gave Messi a pass, allowing Bilbao. All players in the midfield line are in an invalid defensive position. As mentioned earlier, Bilbao’s defense is strong in the courage to sacrifice offense and increase the number of defenders. The personal level is just like that. At this moment, both advantages disappear, then Messi’s unintentional assists are logical. .

梅西再次带球尝试射门,被对手解围。整个毕尔巴鄂团队立即受到压力,试图创造一个反击机会。结果,拉基蒂奇高位传球,梅西传球,毕尔巴鄂开出。所有在中场线的球员都处于无效的防守位置。如前所述,毕尔巴鄂的防守很勇气,可以牺牲进攻,增加防守者的数量。个人水平就是这样。此时,这两种优势都消失了,那么梅西的无意助攻是合乎逻辑的。 。

This goal can be said to let Barcelona vent a sigh of grievance. After being tied on the field, they lost the top spot. This game was extremely annoyed by the opponent's iron barrels. This goal came very heartily.


At this point in the league, there is no talk of looking for tactics and arrangements, finding the right successor, and it's over. In the last seven rounds of the championship sprint stage, Barcelona can only do everything they can to win the game. The championship initiative is not in their own hands, then fight hard. At this time, it is not relying on how sophisticated skills and tactics. , But the tone of fighting for the championship.

在联盟的这一点上,没有任何关于寻找战术和安排,找到合适的继任者的讨论了,一切都结束了。在冠军争夺战的最后七个回合中,巴塞罗那只能竭尽所能赢得比赛。冠军的主动权不在自己手中,然后奋斗。目前,它并不依赖于复杂的技能和战术。 ,但是争取冠军的口气。

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