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In an interview with the club’s official website, Hebei Huaxia Fortune player Maer Kang talked about his state, the team’s goals and the prospects for the second stage. He said: “I hope to go further in the second stage; besides playing basketball, I also I like street dancing."

在河北华夏财富俱乐部球员玛尔·康(Maer Kang)接受俱乐部官方网站的采访时,他谈到了他的状态,球队的目标以及第二阶段的前景。他说:“我希望在第二阶段走得更远。除了打篮球,我也喜欢街舞。”

"I think I am in a very good state now, which can be regarded as my best state. Of course, I think about getting better every day."


"Last year, I came here for the first time. I joined a new team and didn't know enough about the league and the team. But this year, I came to China very early at the beginning of the year, basically every day. The team is together, which allows me to better understand the team and run in with the team."


"I feel very good about running in with the team now. In this process, all the coaches and teammates have helped me a lot."


"This year's situation in the Super League is too special. After I arrived at the team at the beginning of the year, I have been training with the team at the base, but during that time, apart from training, I don't know when the game will start. This feeling is too painful for the players. Up."


"But I am also very lucky. Many people in the club have helped me. My translator has helped me the most. I stayed at the base for 4 months at the beginning of the year, and my translator has basically been with me. Including in life, he is also very helpful to me."


"Guide Xie also gave me a lot of help, he will give me a lot of guidance. Then the teammates will take the initiative to make some jokes with me, so that I can adapt as soon as possible and adjust my state."


"This may be because I have a strong desire to win. Whenever I set foot on the court, all I have in mind is how to win."


"As a forward, I also know that scoring may be a sudden moment. I must be ready at any time. Therefore, I have always been particularly focused in the game."


"I think it's possible to header 10 points, break 7 points, long shots 9 points, grab points 8 points and 10 set kicks. I can often header in set kicks to help the team score."


"I think we have actually made a lot of progress this season. We want to win every game more than before and we want to score goals."


"One more thing, we are particularly united this year, and everyone is very focused in the game. After the new foreign players come to the team, the relationship with everyone is better. We are also more and more cooperative on the court, and gradually we will have it. A virtuous circle."


"The key to our goal of entering the championship team is that we are very united. Not only the 11 people on the field, but all the coaching staff and staff, we have made 100% efforts in every link. So. , We can accomplish the goal of the team."


"I think we just need to put in all our efforts and fight for better results. I must say that I respect all the teams that enter the second stage, but since everyone has come to this stage, everything is possible. ."


"I still have confidence in myself. I also bet with the coach and the top of the club that I will definitely score more goals this year than last year. I have done this now. I am so happy."


"I think in the next game, I will be able to continue the previous first stage of the state. As for the problem of the scorer list, I feel very happy to be ranked first."


"In the following games, whether I score or not, or whether it is for me to defend or attack, as long as I can help the team. In the end the team achieves the desired result, then I will be happy."


"In fact, in addition to playing basketball, I also like to dance hip-hop. I feel that the reason why my body is so agile now may be related to my love of playing basketball and hip-hop."


"Thank you to all the Hebei Huaxia Fortune fans for your support. Your support has allowed us to come to the present, so we can train harder."


"I am also very happy to be able to make you happy. In the next game, I hope we can get more victories and return your support with performance."


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